24th June 2018

S01 E01 / Interview: ‘Kalashnikovv Gallery’ with MJ Turpin & Matt Dowdle

Art conversations in South Africa

For the first episode, I chat to founders of the Kalashnikovv Gallery – MJ Turpin and Matthew Dean Dowdle. They have just relaunched their new gallery space at the 70 Juta Precinct in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Kalashnikovv was first founded in 2013 by the duo out of frustration with the existing gallery discourse in South Africa at the time. Over the years they have experimented with interdisciplinary events, a project space, and now, a more commercial gallery space. They aim to challenge perceptions of the industry and make art accessible for all.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • the importance of the gallery’s growth alongside their artists’ careers
  • collaborating with other galleries in order for their artists to gain more exposure
  • how the gallery has survived over the years * making art “cool again” and how they are doing things differently to other galleries
  • and how the interdisciplinary events help them to deeply understand the “creative culture of the city”

Kalashnikovv Gallery’s website: www.kalashnikovv.co.za

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