Unframed is a podcast which will host conversations about the contemporary arts in South Africa. I am your host Anthea Pokroy – a Johannesburg based artist, photographer and co-founder of Assemblage – a non profit organisation which aims to create opportunities, platforms and professional development for emerging artists in South Africa.

Since 2010 I have immersed myself fully in the South African contemporary art industry. I am fortunate enough to photograph some of the best art in the country, and through this have met inspiring artists, gallerists, curators and critics. Through Assemblage, I have met hundreds of artists and developed a community around me of like-minded people. In the work I have done with Assemblage over the last 8 years, I have seen the importance of connecting and sharing (primary values of the organisation) and I see this podcast series as the ultimate in sharing. Only through learning how the industry functions, and hearing the insights into how industry professionals have achieved what they have achieved, will emerging artists grow. As an artist myself, I am endlessly curious about people’s stories and successes. I hope that these interviews will provide insight and inspiration to both myself and anyone else who listens.

I would like to thank my countless friends for the encouragement to start this, especially Gilbert Pooley for the initial idea, and Io Makandal for the logo design and CI.

I hope you enjoy these conversations as much as I do!


I am grateful to the National Arts Council who has supported Unframed for the period of February 2019 – April 2020.