29th February 2024

S04 E01 (Intro): ‘The Artworld’ with Anthea Pokroy & Nkgopoleng Moloi

Art conversations in South Africa

Welcome to Season 4 of the podcast Unframed! This season, Anthea Pokroy is joined by co-host, Nkgopoleng Moloi, to embark on a thematic exploration of the South African contemporary art landscape. The season takes a deep dive into different aspects of the art ecosystem, ranging from the artist’s studio to the gallery, curatorship to the museum. Through reflective conversations with established artists and industry experts, Anthea and Nkgopoleng aim to unravel the intricacies that define the South African art scene. The podcast adopts a nuanced approach to offer listeners a comprehensive understanding of the art world. Season 4 is made possible by the generous support of the National Arts Council. Thank you to our guests for their time and sharing insights. The Unframed community is encouraged to engage, subscribe, and support the podcast for its continued success.

Production for season 4:

Anthea Pokroy (Project Lead & Host)
Nkgopoleng Moloi (Co-Host)
Niamh Walsh-Vorster (Project Manager)Andy Mkosi (Audio Editor)
Alyx Carolus (Social Media Strategist)
Sanele Balintaba (Website & Graphic Design)


Anthea Pokroy is a Johannesburg-based artist and photographer. She obtained her BA Fine Arts (2007) and MA Fine Arts (2019) from the University of the Witwatersrand, both cum laude. She has taken part in many group exhibitions since 2005, and has had two solo exhibitions – I collect gingers (2013 at CIRCA Gallery) and Be-longing: an exhibition on Loneliness (2019 at Johannesburg Art Gallery). Her work is part of the Wits Art Museum, Rand Merchant Bank and Ampersand Foundation collections, as well as private collections. Pokroy has founded many art-related projects such as artist development organisation Assemblage (2010-2019), art podcast Unframed (2018-), and works as a photographer for leading South African and international artists, galleries and museums (2011-). Through all of her work, she is well-positioned to connect with art professionals and, with curiosity and understanding, ask the right questions. She believes strongly in the values of sharing, transparency and collaboration in order to advance the South African visual arts industry.

Nkgopoleng Moloi is a writer based in Cape Town. She is interested in the spaces we occupy and navigate through and how these influence the people we become. Writing is a tool Moloi uses to understand the world around her and to explore the things she is excited and intrigued by, particularly history, art, language and architecture. She is fascinated by cities; their complexities and their potential. Her work has appeared in Art Forum, Elephant Art, Mail & Guardian and the British Journal of Photography. She recently curated “Practices of Self-Fashioning”, an exhibition exploring queer mobility, at the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg.

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