9th July 2020

S03 E12 / Interview: ‘Digital Arts & Mixed Reality’ with Brooklyn J. Pakathi

Art conversations in South Africa

In this episode, I chat with new media artist and independent curator Brooklyn J. Pakathi. Brooklyn J explores the relationships we manifest with technologies, and through his practice, examines the formations of, enactments with and responses to those manifestations. Working within the fields of mixed realities at Johannesburg’s TMRW, his practice merges into the collaborative nature of contemporary art-making centred around the use and inclusion of digital tools. TMRW is a gallery space currently in Keyes Art Mile in Johannesburg and also, as The Mixed Reality Workshop, is a multidisciplinary arts and technology space that engages with the creation, development, production and dissemination of mixed reality art experience. TMRW currently has two virtual exhibitions on, which have emerged as a necessity during this COVID19 pandemic and national lockdown.

View the exhibitions here: 
Refiguring Space: https://nationalartsfestival.co.za/show/refiguring-space-exhibition/
Coexistence: https://tmrw.art/coexistence

Enjoy listening to my conversation with Brooklyn J. Pakathi and follow @brook_flowers on all social platforms.

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