23rd April 2020

S03 E05 / Interview: ‘Artists in Isolation’ with Chloë Reid

Art conversations in South Africa

This is the second episode in a series on Unframed called “Artists in Isolation” which profiles South African artists during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living through unprecedented times, where we are needing to find new ways of connecting with each other and the broader art industry, of being inspired, and of creating more platforms for artists. On today’s show, I chat with Chloë Reid about her artistic and curatorial practice.

Chloë Reid is an artist from Johannesburg. She is interested in everyday sociology and the relationship between reading, writing and artistic practice. She holds degrees from the Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Glasgow School of Art and was awarded a year-long fellowship at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios in 2018. She has exhibited and curated locally and internationally and produced two collections of very short fiction. In 2019 she established gallery, gallery with the aim of developing an embodied framework for artists, writers and curators that foregrounds collaboration and exchange. She is currently pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at Wits.

See Chloë Reid’s work:

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