10th September 2019

S02 E03 / Talk: ‘Queering Representation’ at Turbine Art Fair 2019

Art conversations in South Africa

This episode is the second of 4 talks recorded at Turbine Art Fair 2019.

Title: “There are No Lines Here: Queering visibility and representation”

Panel discussion with Jody Brand (artist), Evaan Ferreira (artist), Umlilo (musician), moderated by Keval Harie (Director: Gay and Lesbian Archive GALA)

The panelists in this discussion are all practising artists whose works’ deal with the froughtness of identification and (self)representation. Using mythological fantasies, the virtual and the speculative, these artists are shaping aesthetic forms and narratives that challenge binary identity politics. (source: TAF website)

The talks programme was curated by Kefiloe Sawisa and Nomvoyu Horwitz. Thanks to them and Turbine Art Fair for allowing us to record and host this panel discussion on Unframed.

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