6th September 2019

S02 E02 / Talk: ‘Art Investment’ at Turbine Art Fair 2019

Art conversations in South Africa

This episode is the first of a series of 4 talks that were recorded at Turbine Art Fair 2019.

Title: “It was Given to me to Give to You: Art collecting & inter-generational wealth creation”

Panel discussion with Jack Ginsberg (Ampersand Foundation), Sean Meyersfeld (investment specialist) and Dr Alastair Meredith (Senior Art Specialist: Strauss & Co)

In this panel, art’s potential as a form of wealth creation and legacy building will be explored. Investment specialists and collectors will discuss how establishing an art collection can be an integral part of a robust investment portfolio.

The talks programme was curated by Kefiloe Sawisa and Nomvoyu Horwitz. Thanks to them and Turbine Art Fair for allowing us to record and host this panel discussion on Unframed.

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