8th December 2018

S01 E10 / Interview: ‘Artist Copyright’ with Eitan Stern

Art conversations in South Africa

In today’s episode I interview lawyer Eitan Stern from Legalese about artist copyright and other legal aspects that artists should consider in making work and in their careers. My intial interest in chatting with Eitan arose from an incident that occurred at the Joburg Art Fair this September 2018, where South African photographer Graeme Williams accused American artist Hank Willis Thomas of using William’s photograph in Willis’ own artwork without his permission. Read more about it and see the images here:


We use this case to discuss further issues of artist copyright and what artists should be considering when using other people’s images in their own artwork. We also explore the rights of photographers, as well as the business of arts. Eitan encourages artists to be professional by using contracts and to take the initiative to understand fully every transaction that is made. This episode is really insightful especially for emerging artists and photographers.

Contact Legalese here: https://legalese.co.za/#contact-us-section

Read the article on How Not To Get Sued for Your Photography here: https://legalese.co.za/cape-town-photographers-guide-to-not-getting-sued/

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