7th November 2018

S01 E09 / Talk: William Kentridge & Yinka Shonibare

Art conversations in South Africa

This episode is part of of the “Talk By” component of Unframed, as opposed to the “Conversation with” which is an interview directly with your host Anthea Pokroy. The “Talk By” component features art dialogues, talks and panel discussions that happen around the country outside of this podcast, but where we are lucky enough to add the content to this platform for many to hear. I was fortunate to attend this one in September 2018, between artists William Kentridge and Yinka Shonibare. Shonibare, a British-Nigerian artist based in the UK, came to South Africa in September for the opening of his exhibition at the Goodman Gallery. As part of the Centre for the Less Good Idea’s Once Off program, Kentridge hosted Shonibare for a conversation between the two prolific artists. Thank you so much to the Centre, the Goodman Gallery and the FNB Art Fair for allowing the recording of this dynamic conversation to be aired on Unframed. Enjoy listening to William Kentridge and Yinka Shonibare in dialogue about their art practices

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