29th June 2018

S01 E03 / Interview: ‘Exhibition at Kalashnikovv’ with Ayanda Mabulu

Art conversations in South Africa

In this third episode, I interviewed Ayanda Mabulu about his current exhibition, his practice, his spirituality and his politics, and really gained insight into why he makes the seemingly controversial work that he makes.

It was a really interesting and provocative conversation. Ayanda is a storyteller and in between the swearing, he speaks passionately, critically, and poetically. I know that what he says some people will love and some people will hate, but I’m really interested to hear your response to it. We spoke for almost 2 hours, so this is an edited version of it. If you can you should definitely try see Ayanda’s show before it closes. Its at Kalashnikovv Gallery in Braamfontein until 2 July 2018. I’m still trying to get into a rhythm with releasing the interviews so it doesn’t leave you too much time, but otherwise you can find a lot of his work online. Just a warning that this episode contains a lot of profanities and language that may be offensive. But otherwise, please enjoy listening to my chat with Ayanda.

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